How to arrange your demonstration:
  1. Complete the demo request information on this page
  2.  You will then receive an email with the online meeting instructions and a toll free conference number to use for the call.
  3. Log in as scheduled and prepare to rethink the perimeter!

If you would prefer an in-person meeting demonstration, please let us know. 


About the Demo:

Your web demonstration will show the unique features of PacketViper and how to use  the Advanced-IP Filtering and Virtual Minefield Zone (VMZ)  features to strengthen your perimeter defense.  
This brief demo will show you how PacketViper will: 
  • Reduce traffic, threats, logging and alerts by up to 70%
  • Generate custom Edge Intelligence
  • Protect against known and unknown threats
  • Prevent DDoS & flooding attacks
  • Improve your firewall, IDS/IPS & SIEM performance
  • Reduce logging and alert fatigue
  • Improve your overall layered security approach with Advanced-IP Filtering